Best Gift Ever

My parents came to visit this weekend, and as usual, they left my apartment in better condition than before they came! My parents are both extremely handy, and they are always ready and eager to work on any project that we can dream up. My favorite project this time was a custom made wall mounted iPad Frame. I’m so giddy about it that I HAD to share it!

I’m always using the iPad while cooking, and with my already teeny counters, it’s a challenge trying to find a spot for it. I usually end up having to move it around mid prep, covering it in dirty fingerprints and risking an ill-fated drop to the floor. So I told my dad about my iPad cooking woes, and he designed and made me this beauty:

iPad Frame

The iPad (actually, I ended up using my HP Touchpad in it so the poor thing finally gets some use!) slides in from the top. There is an opening at the bottom, so I don’t even have to remove it to charge it. We mounted it to my spice cabinet (an Ikea Hack I made a few years ago) with this super duper ultra sticky tape. I’ve tested this tape, and I’m not worried about this falling off, ever!

I’ve already used it twice while cooking, and WOW. This is what the future feels like! I don’t think I’ll ever need to print a recipe again. Thanks dad!! Here’s an action shot:

iPad Frame

You can see that I’m using it to make an incredibly delicious chili that netted me 2nd place in the Veggie Chili Cook-Off at work!


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