About Me(ssy)

Messy Me

Messy Me

I’m just a low-energy gal with high-energy dreams. I love to make things and tend to make a mess in the process! Growing up, my nickname was “Messy Jessie”, and I’ve stayed pretty true to the moniker over the years.

My current passions are making healthy vegetarian/vegan meals and crocheting, but that changes quite frequently. I also dabble in block printing, knitting, baking, and sewing. I’m working up the courage to try gardening in my wee apartment, but I’m such a black-thumb, I managed to kill my lucky bamboo… Guess it wasn’t so lucky after all? Ha!


9 thoughts on “About Me(ssy)

  1. Hi, I have been searching for your Morton minibear pattern on your old blog. Is there a way you can send me that pattern? The picture of the pattern doesn’t show up anymore

  2. My nickname was Messy Jessie too! I love your recipes. I am doing a low-carb diet and most of your stuff is perfect for me! Especially the almond flour.

  3. I’ve been looking for a pattern for a “Crocheted Booby Pillow”. I made some of these about 25 years ago – and just this morning my Niece called and asked me to make one for a special event she is having. I have no idea where to search for this pattern….do you have one for sale?

  4. Would it be possible if you could send me a more explained version of your pattern for the pretty puffy pattern that is on your other blog? I am a new crocheter and I really want to learn to make it, however I dont seem to understand the pattern. If you could include pictures of the steps that would be fantastic! Thanks

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